Dianna  Walker McPhail

Integrated healing through the Mind-Body Connection


Specializing in Trauma Release

All life exists on the resonance model that EVERYTHING functions in varying frequencies.

We, human beings have the ability to direct healing energies through our hands via our heart to others.

Bowen triggers the Myofascia, Meridians and Receptors;  on the cell membrane stimulating frequency and amplitude windows to open; Increasing cellular function, Increased cellular nutrition, increased cellular energy production - ATP and Cellular Detoxification- Lymphatic drainage.

Challenging the myiofascia with Bowen moves sends a resonance through the myofascia releasing tight bundles of muscle fibres and connective tissue which acts to structurally realign the body. Bowen sends energy into areas that were previously blocked and experiencing resultant reduction in circulation, movement and increased pain. 

I am thrilled that you want to discover the ability of your body to heal, and attain balance through the Bowen technique of Australia. 
You come to me with a unique presentation of injury, pain, tension, or disease, and together we will search for your key to wellness.

My intent is to offer a sense of calm as Bowen recalibrate the nervous system and the brain.  Our mind and body must function as one.  Understand that you will be touched through various hand positions while you are clothed, and properly draped by a sheet.

During our hour sessions, I offer practical guidance, though I am not a physician or a psychologist. I will never suggest that you change or eliminate any medications prescribed by your physician.Sometimes, releases of emotional nature  occur.  I will be attentive and available to listen, and to assist and direct you in your journey to process .

OUTCOME:  I have assisted spinal cord injury clients, others with lymphedema, Parkinson's, sciatica, cancer, vertigo, spinal compressions, scoliosis, stroke, high blood pressure, emotional issues and neuropathy.

REIMBURSEMENT: I provide a Coded insurance invoice for each visit so clients can seek insurance or medicare reimbursement.

Since the main goal of the technique is to stimulate the body to engage its own self healing mechanism it can be used effectively to reduce rehabilitation time after any illness, surgery or injury regardless of how old or recent it may be. 

The Bowen Technique does not seek to treat specific condition or disease but rather to gently stimulate the body to heal itself.  The policy of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia is to seek medical opinion whenever necessary. 

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Dianna Walker McPhail​

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