​​Healing HUMANS & ANIMALS         Professional Bowen Practitioner of Australia

​Bowen uses the "Intelligent" Fascial Network.

Dianna  Walker McPhail

​Bowen of Australia

Practiced in Australia since the later 1950’s, Bowen implements a delicate stretch, roll and release by the practitioner’s fingers on the “intelligent” fascial network.  

Bowen is an unique form of neuromuscular re-pattrning of the nervous system that promotes physical & emotional balance, and relaxation. It relieves pain, lessens anxiety, promotes sleep, relaxes tense muscles, restores normal lymphatic flow, softens scar tissue and releases toxins.

Results are typically long-lasting, requiring only a few sessions. Sessions are a hour while fully clothed on a soft table.

Bowen helps:
Neuropathy from chemo, age or injury
Persistent back pain
Stress & depression
Lymphedema/ Reconstruction/ Breast pain
Migraine headaches