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Integrated healing through the Mind-Body Connection


Specializing in Trauma Release

All life exists on the resonance model that EVERYTHING is varying frequencies

These frequencies manifest into organized patterns which forms its specific shape or design. (The cell membranes are really waves trying to stand non-destructively in phase).

The Bowtech symbol forms a spiralling circle. Spiral is sacred geometry based on the Golden Mean Harmonic Mathematics. Macrocosm/microcosm from the unfolding of a plants tendrils to a spiralling galaxy.

Three green leaves - from the Tree of Life 3. A Trinity spiralling circle - representing: Continuity, Movement, Evolution, Encompassing the whole without beginning or end. The color green is the heart chakra of the body. Energy from the lower chakras and earth meet (energies from higher chakras and sky universal energies) at the heart chakra.

We, human beings have the ability to consciously (Mind) direct healing energies through our hands via our heart to others. Bowen triggers the Myiofascia, Meridians and Receptors; (Frequency Antennas) on the cell membrane stimulating frequency and amplitude windows to open; Increasing cellular function, Increased cellular nutrition, increased cellular energy production - ATP and Cellular Detoxification- Lymphatic drainage.

Challenging the myiofascia with Bowen moves sends a resonance through the myiofascia releasing tight bundles of muscle fibres and connective tissue which acts to structurally realign the body. Sending energy into areas that were previously blocked and experiencing resultant reduction in circulation, movement and increased pain. 


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Dianna Walker McPhail​

Dianna  Walker McPhail